Pole Class Procedure


  • First class will begin at 5:50pm each night. Second class will be 7:00pm and the third will be 8:10pm
  • Students will wait outside the studio (feel free to wait in your cars if it is cold or rainy weather) making sure to adhere to social distancing measures, until instructed to enter by teacher, at approx. 5:45pm as the waiting room will be unavailable to sit in
  • Teacher will administer hand sanitizer that each student will need to use as you enter the studio
  • Students will head straight to their pole with their bag. They will place their bag at the nearest wall to their pole where there is appropriate space
  • Students will need to come dressed ready to pole, as the toilet will only be allowed to be used as a toilet and not a change room
  • Yoga mats will not be in use so students will need to either bring their own or just use the floor
  • Students will need to bring their own pole cloth to use during class. Microfibre cloths will be available to purchase from the studio for $2. Students will not be allowed to share cloths. This will be essential.
  • For the sake of social distancing students will not be allowed to film each other as that involves a swapping of property
  • Once class is finished, students will need to wipe their poles down using metho and the studio pole cloths, from the top of the pole to the floor. They will also need to spray and wipe the floor surrounding their pole.
  • Once students are finished cleaning they will need to hand sanitize again before promptly leaving the studio. Please do not loiter in the carpark after class and respect other people and businesses as you leave.
  • Teachers will spray and wipe over surfaces including but not limited to and door handles etc and toilet areawith alcohol before next class
  • Please ensure no hugging or touching while in the studio for the safety of students and teachers and their families and friends
  • The next class or classes will also need to wait outside until instructed by the teacher to enter, which will be when class or classes have exited the studio to ensure social distancing


Lyra Class Procedure


  • The above pole class procedure applies for arrival, departure, social distancing and use of the studio in addition to the below:
  • Lyra class will be split into two groups over the hour as the equipment is shared. Group 1 will learn the Lyra skills of that particular class, while group 2 participates in conditioning and stretching. Once half of the time has passed, the groups will swap, after washing hands and sanitizing.
  • Mats and Lyra will be sterilized at this time of change over.
  • Photos and videos will not be available to be taken at this time as it will be detrimental to the running of the class, and to the potential time allocated for each group
  • At the conclusion of class students will also need to help sterilize mats and Lyra before making a prompt exit of the studio.


General Procedures


  • Where possible students will need to use card or bank transfer for purchases
  • A limit to 9 students plus teacher is applied to each class.
  • The kitchen area, bag cubes, lounges, yoga mats will not be open or available to be used
  • If you are showing signs of sickness you may be denied entry to class for the safety of everyone else. Don’t forget that it doesn’t just affect you, you could infect someone who has contact with someone outside of the studio with low immunity. Even if you don’t have covid-19 you will still affect others if you make them sick with a cold because of everyone’s heightened awareness at the moment. This could mean they have to miss important doctors appointment, not be able to attend work for those who work in health care, not be able to visit a baby or elderly family member etc due to catching a cold from you. Please be really mindful and DO NOT come to class if you are sick, think you’re getting sick or suspect you have had contact with someone with Covid-19.
  • The teacher will not be allowed to spot students until further restrictions are lifted so classes will be revision, conditioning and drills to start, and only moves that your teacher knows you are capable of at this time.
  • There will be no sharing of any objects including but not limited to: Pole grip, water, personal yoga mats, pole cloths personal or studio, phones for filming, shoes, pole and lyra clothing


  • All students will need to sign an additional waiver regarding these news changes due to Covid-19