New to pole?

We recommend everyone starts in our beginner level, with or without any fitness history because it teaches a lot of the foundational spins and shoulder activations needed for all the higher levels. It is taught in one hour sessions weekly for eight weeks. You will learn a range of different spins as well as climbing and then a small routine to music! Super fun!! 

What do I bring?

Please bring a small towel to clean your pole throughout the class and a bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothing! Whatever you would wear to the gym is great! If you are comfortable in shorts it's highly recommended as we use the skin on our legs to stick to the is sticky, fabric is not! No footwear is required for now, but there's a chance you may get hooked by them later on ;) Please remove all jewellery for class, this is for your safety and your teachers if they are spotting you. 

Before moving up levels please check the prerequisite list below

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