Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I miss a class during the term?

We know you can't always plan things 8 weeks in advance, so we make it really easy if you miss a class during term. You can make it up in any other week during that term in any class equal to the level you're at our lower! And if you know you're going to be away such as a holiday or work roster you can make up the class you know you'll miss in advance so then you don't have too many classes in the last week or two of term! Easy peasy!!

My term has a public holiday in it, what happens then?

Never fear! We stay open on all of the public holidays that fall during terms except the Christmas and New Year break!

I've noticed you started your term already, is it too late to start?

Not necessarily! If we haven't started the third week of term we can definitely organise your enrolment. If we are past the third week we don't recommend it simply because of the way our syllabus is structured.

Can I book a one on one/private lesson?

Absolutely! You can request a private lesson with any of our amazing teachers for $90 per hour or even a semi private lesson with 2 students for $120. Simply send us an email or give us a call to arrange!

I can't see the class I want, how do I book in?

Perhaps the current term isn't running the class you were looking for due to a number of reasons like low numbers or teacher availability. Give me a call and we can chat about the options for you. Kacie 0404896154

What happens if there are not enough students booked in for my class to run?

We need four students to be booked in for a class to run so it's not often we need to cancel all together, but should that be the case we will try and find another class for you that you'll love, or failing that we'll happily refund you.

I've heard there is an Early Bird Discount you run?

Yep we sure do! We run a discount for the first week of bookings opening up each term. It's a 10% discount so you can save a fair bit of money over the years you book in quickly each term! It's not valid for our Beginner level though as that class is already heavily discounted.

I've seen in your pictures that a lot of people wear a lot less than I am comfortable to wear. Do I have to dress the same?

Absolutely not! Our number one priority is you feeling comfortable and confident however that looks for you! But I can guarantee that the people you saw in those pictures felt the same way you did when they first started. Their confidence has grown since being apart of the PBS family, and I have a feeling yours will too eventually!

Do I have to wear heels?

Nope!! But again I'm sure that once you try them, you'll be hooked! Most students share the story of not wanting to wear heels; to buying their first pair of baby heels; to wishing they'd ordered bigger platforms; to have a full blown shoe addiction!! Myself included!

What do I bring?

A small towel, a bottle of water, heels if you're wearing them. We sell grip products for your hands you can purchase. And being ready to have an awesome time for yourself! 

How do I stay in touch with everything?

We have an amazing student group on Facebook. Just search 'Pole Body & Soul Students' and ask to join. We share there first when bookings are open so you can get in first, and the students are very active on the page sharing encouragement with one another. Come join!

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